DR Sponsored “Battle of the Brush” Illuminates Bryant Park

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Design Republic was extremely proud to sponsor and offer logistical consultation to the art exhibition, “Battle of the Brush: A Civil Reenactment of Two Painterly States.” In collaboration with art curator Alexander W. Glauber, we were thrilled to bring this unique gallery to Bryant Park (to wide acclaim!)
Select press:
“Inspired by Bryant Park’s rich history — during the Civil War it was used as an encampment — he has taken a lighthearted look at an age-old dialogue by filling one kiosk with realist works and the other with abstract canvases.” — The New York Times
“Great idea: Bring the art to the street (or at least the park); adapt an existing venue; and still end up with a clean, white space.” — James Wagner
“The message in this curatorial feat is clear: with planning, ingenuity, and bureaucratic permissiveness, art — and good art, at that — can be displayed anywhere.” — 16 Miles of String
“Therefore in the same way that Civil War Reenactors come together to imitate a moment in history when they stood apart, so too does this exhibition in order to reveal some of the more interesting directions realism and abstraction are being taken today.” — Bad at Sports Contemporary Art Talk