Video: xAd CFO on collaborating with Design Republic

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Design Republic designed the global headquarters of xAd, a location-based marketing firm. Stephen McCarthy, CFO of xAd, explains how seamless and successful the xAd-Design Republic working relationship is. The headquarters itself, located on the 60th floor of One World Trade Center in New York City, is a study in efficient uses of space. The office balances appealing aesthetics with high usability. “The best thing about this space is, it looks open,” McCarthy says. “We can see out of every corner of the building. We have 360-degree views. We seem to have a lot of open space. But at the same time, we have density. We can fit a lot of employees into the space and it doesn’t feel like it’s crowded at all.”


The workflow is efficient as well. McCarthy says the design process was a smooth collaboration between xAd’s creative team and Design Republic’s creative team. The turnaround times were very quick and progress was made efficiently. McCarthy attributes the easy and productive working relationship to Design Republic’s team. “They have a very well-rounded team,” McCarthy says. “Very positive.”


Design Republic is xAd’s architect of choice globally. “They have a global reach” McCarthy says. xAd currently has 15 offices around the world, and trusts Design Republic with design work for all their new expansions. “Design Republic takes the view of the client,” McCarthy says. “They do what the client wants, and they put their signature on it.”


Watch the video here:


xAd Client Testimonial from Design Republic on Vimeo.